środa, 29 grudnia 2010

Google Street View

Google Street View is an online tool to facilitate one’s location in different cities around the world. I decided to check out New York. Among the anonymous people in one of the buildings I saw in the shadows of a girl looking straight at the camera; who had a sweater on and wore her hair just like me on the day when I was "exploring". I had the impression that Google "caught" me on my virtual walk. I thought: Why could I not actually be there? I could be there as well as here and elsewhere. Then why am I here and not somewhere else? I started to look out for people somehow similar to me, imitating their gestures, expressions in cities across Europe and the world. Another element of the project was to find typing errors in google images, poorly composed photographs, so that people had their heads cut off, etc. If google reflects the reality of 1 to 1, then it reflects also the absurdity of it.